Wood protection against rot

Wood treatment in an autoclave at a pressure of 16 bar in accordance with EN-335 and EN-351

Trattamento del legno in autoclave

Characteristics of the treatment:

The application is done on wood of any essence through a cycle that includes vacuum phases and phases of pressure forced into the autoclave.
The timber is stowed on trolleys and inserted into a large cylindrical tank airtight. Here, under close supervision, is subjected to the following processing steps:

  • Period of depression of about 1 hour at a pressure of -1.0 Bar,
  • Injection of the exclusive mixture Tanalith: ecological solution which is introduced into the wood through a pressure which reaches 16 bar for the duration of about 3 hours (depends on the type of wood to be treated).
  • Period of depression of about 1 hour at a pressure of -1 Bar with the aim to eliminate the excess of liquid in the timber.
  • At the end of the cycle, the timber is dried, preferably outdoor, if there are times, or by forced drying controlled.
  • The treatment follows a strict operative protocol and is guaranteed by scrupulous periodic checks by the TÜV SÜD. We can obtain the pattern and a summary of data related to each cycle of impregnation.


trattamento del legno in autoclave

Environmental impact:

All chemical components used are diluted in water and measured according to the European safety standard EN 351.
The products discussed are not dangerous to humans, are environmentally friendly and can be used even by children.

Legno trattato in autoclave

Reference standards:

UNI EN 335: Durability of wood and wood-based products. Definition of the classes of use. UNI EN 351: Durability of wood and wood-based products -Solid wood treated with preservatives - Classification of penetration and retention of the preservative.


In playgrounds structures that require color we use a Flow Coating Technology made up of three steps with spray mechanic checked:

1) preservative that penetrates in the wood
2) impregnating with preservative function and pigmentation
3) finishing with a coloring and protection against rain and U.V. rays

The products used are water-based and free of volatile toxic substances.

Trees wood painted

Service for businesses:

In addition of the treatment on our products, the conservative impregnation of wood is also carried out for other companies. This treatment, it’s both more efficient than any other type of treatment of wood (brush or spray), and much cheaper.






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