Equipped Area for Smokers

Equipment for smoker zones designed for beaches, parks and commercial areas.

Smoking is forbidden more and more in public spaces, in particular in long stay zones like beaches, bathing establishments and city parks. It comes the need to find out a solution for people who cannot give up the cigarette.

The Smoke-corner is the ideal solution to create a surrounded and accessible zone to everybody where it is possible to smoke.

attrezzi per fumatori spiaggia


Therefore we had the idea to design and to manufacture a new series of equipped areas for smokers. These are small zones equipped with everything you need to stay alone or together with others to smoke, while you remain on the beach, park or public area where you are.




Full equipped Smoker Zone

The equipped areas for smokers, also called Smoke Corners or Smoke-Free areas, may include some benches, tables with built-in ashtrays, walkways and flooring which allow access even to users with different abilities, a table with the instructions for use the area and the images, flags and signs of the beach establishment or the equipped park.

Equipment for a smoking beach

The outdoor zones for smokers called Smoke Corners, can be combined with kiosk - beach chalet or installed in more secluded places without special needs. The smoking equipment is placed directly on the ground without special building works. Since they are furniture, in most cases they are not subjected to a special a authorization for the installation.

The equipment for smoking areas is completed with a fence that has the function to surround the space reserved for the "Smoke Free". The fence can be also customized in different shapes and colors.

Sizes of the Smoke Free Zone

The ideal dimensions of the areas equipped for smokers are around 15-20 square meters, but in case of limited available space it is possible to reduce the space by adding compact furnishing and accessories for smokers while keeping the functionality of the area.


prodotti filiera solidale pefc vaia

Legnolandia proposes areas made with wood coming from the "Filiera Solidale"(Solidarity Chain), an initiative promoted by the PEFC Italy after the storm "Vaia" in October 2018 which killed thousands of trees in the north-east part of Italy. The products are also manufactured through the sole use of energy which comes from renewable sources and avoiding harmful emissions.








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