STONG-TRACK, Spartan, Mudder, Tough, Hell race equipment


The Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a rising sport where a runner can run or walk and he must overcome different obstacles which require a particular physical commitment. The competitions have different types of obstacles which are similar to those which are normally used during the military training. They vary according to the distance and the difficulty and they often combine trail running, road running and cross country running. They are usually organized at sports centers, ski resorts, green areas and playgrounds. The OCR or Mud Run were born in 1987. Since 2010 the important competitions began to appear and today they are known as Spartan Race, Tough, Mudder and Rat Race
Short history of the Obstacle Course Race
The sport has its roots in the military tracks. Nevertheless the modern OCR were born in 1987 with the historic race called “Tough Guy”, in Wolverhampton, England. Since then, they have been imported at the beginning in the United States and afterwards they spread all over the world with a boom of runners which aim to achieve and to overcome soon 20 million / year.
Obstacle Course Racing in Italy:
In Italy we are witnessing a strong increasing number of the races and in particular the half marathons with obstacles. The first OCR or Mud Run races were organized in 2014 like the FisherMan Strong Run, Warrior Dash and Inferno Run. In 2015 there was an increasing trend of the races which rose from 18 to over 30. Since 2016 in Italy there is an active F.I.O.C.R. Federazione Italiana Obstacle Course Races, to represent, to regulate and to promote the national sport movement of the Obstacle Course Races, in accordance to the values of the olympic spirit, the health and the personal growth through the culture and the practice of sport. The Obstacle Course Race National Championship is the official agonistic circuit of the OCR races and it is recognized by the OCR Italian Federation.

Not only Competition:

The fast development and the popularity of this sport has created the conditions for the birth of associations and groups of fans who meet to practise and to teach the technical aspects of this sport. Few years ago, a request for fixed and equipped OCR tracks came out in order to let practise safely the runners who like to train for the competitions or those who like to train their body and their own mind.

Obstacle Course Racing Equipment by Legnolandia

The equipment for the Obstacle Course Racing by Legnolandia are called STRONG-TRACK and they have been designed together with the sport associations which practise OCR and which are involved not only with the practice of this sport but also with the development and the continuous improvement of this rising sport.



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The OCR equipment has been designed and they are specified for a wide range of Obstacle Course Racing like : Strong Man, Spartan Race, Ninja Races, Warriors run, X-trail, Force Run and similar.

Due to the strong stresses to which they are subjected, Legnolandia has designed a very strong equipment for OCR . They are realized with large size section coniferous wood. The structures are fixed on the ground through the drowning of posts in concrete. Connecting stainless steel or galvanized steel brackets are also available. The OCR obstacles for the Spartan Race and similar circuits which are supplied by Legnolandia are guaranteed against the wood rotting thanks to the special wood treatment which is performed through the deep injection of mineral salts. It follows a long lifespan which is the perfect solution also for the realization of fixed training tracks and the Obstacle Course Races Training.
Here you can see a range of equipment which has been designed specifically for fixed OCR structures. Our Obstacle Course Racing equipment are realized with wood which is the most renewable and recyclable material in the world. This wood is certified PEFC - FSC and it is processed only through the use of energy which comes form renewable sources.
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