Art. 011372

 Dim: 580x310 H 260 cm
 Area: 880 x 610
 Hic: 150
 age >14


Equipment designed for fitness activity such as calisthenics and workout as well as for the maintenance of the physical condition and mobility of the body. Include a series of modules on which it is possible carry out various physical exercises properly to the needs of each person. Workout is also an area for the "tailored" activity, widely used by personal trainers, identified as a meeting place for people of all ages. The exercises can be done for several generations, without forcing, each with its own rhythm and without competitive pressures.

Built with large cylindrical pillars section Ø 130 mm wooden heart out. Bars, rods and collars Ø 33 and Ø 42 mm, are made of galvanized and painted steel tubes. Decorations and complement of elements are made of recyclable polyethylene 100%. The structure is fixed to the ground, it can be placed either on a solid audience, both on grass or sand, using special brackets in galvanized steel. The Legnolandia Workout line includes four solutions: Full, Race, Medium and Small.

co2 foot printWorkout equipment complies to EN 16630 European standard for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipments free of hazardous substances, made of wood obtained at "Km. zero" in a sustainable way by PEFC certified forests, using only clean energy obtained from renewable sources to meet the needs of  GPP (Green Public Procurement) the environmental policy tool envisaged for all public administrations. Wood is treated under pressure with ecological salts according to EN 351 standards and guaranteed for 10 years against rot.

COLORS: different colors of the bars and the joining elements are available. With a small increase in price you can customize the structures with the most welcome colors.

strutture colorate workout


Below you can download illustrative sheets, technical CAD drawings and specifications.
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