Areas for dogs with Agility Dog path

The municipalities aim to be more and more "pet friendly", this means more liveable for animals and for those who love them. The creation of public spaces dedicated to these extraordinary animals, friends of man, is a growing phenomenon. In these special spaces dogs can being left free to run without a leash under the responsibility of the owners and respecting other visitors, and be able to play and socialize safely.

Area attrezzata per cani - Agility Dog


How to equip an area for dogs:

The area must be fenced and equipped with a gate. To facilitate dogs’ exercise, these areas can be equipped with a series of fixed structures designed to maintain agility and physical and mental shape of "Fido" and his friends. The tools used in dogs’ areas are inspired by famous Agility Dog paths, but should be designed in order to be used with safety even by untrained users.

The Agility Dog in a public park

The Agility Dog is a sport born in the UK and now widespread throughout Europe and the United States. It consists of an obstacle course, inspired by the equestrian path, in which the dog has to face various difficulties in the expected order and in the shortest time possible. The activity is performed simultaneously by the dog and his coach, that follows the dog outside of the obstacles, emphasizing the pleasure and the agility of the animal to cooperate with him.

The fixed path Agility Dog has been studied by Legnolandia, with the collaboration of the Civil Protection Dog Trainers, to provide an opportunity in public or private parks, on beaches or green areas, where you can enjoy outdoor physical activity with fun and sharing.

agility dog equipment

The robustness of the fixed structures proposed by Legnolandia, allows installation even where space is unattended, precisely in this Legnolandia’s stations are different from those used in sporting competitions of Agility, these in fact are composed of soft movable parts and therefore subject to damage of vandalism, if used in areas not controlled.

The suggested path is not a purely sportive path, but suitable for all types of users. Legnolandia, depending on space and economic availability, has several modules that can be purchased in group or individually.
The structures are made of wood from controlled forests, PEFC certified and treated in autoclave with non-toxic substances to guarantee durability.


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