Art. 015033

 Dim: 430x530 H112 cm
 Area: 730x835 cm
 Hic: -
 age da 2 anni in sù


Great labyrinth playgrounds and outdoor activities ideal for developing visual-spatial and social ideals of the children. It consists in 30 wooden panels 27 mm thick wooden pillars supported by opposing thick sections 90x90 mm off the ground and equipped with galvanized steel bracket for fixing to the ground. The panels, positioned as desired, are provided in four types:
N° 20 pieces Panel Type "A" completely closed (Article 015034);
N° 3 piece panel "B" with a central hole round (Article 015036);
N° 3 pieces Panel "C" with a central hole cusp (Article 015037);
N° 4 pieces Panel "D" type with two holes to hide (Article 015038);
Bolting is embedded in the wood and polyethylene with a protective cap. The color of the playground is specifically designed for a correct insertion into the wild of public parks, schools and parks.

All wooden parts are made of FSC- PEFC certified wood, treated under pressure in according to the EN 351 standards with UV protection. Complies to EN 1176:2017 (European Standard for Playgrounds Equipment and Surfacing).

gioco inclusivo

Inclusive playground

Respect the guidelines of the European project Play For All. The maze is completely accessible even by wheelchair users. The achievement of the way out is a goal of considerable value, especially for the visually impaired. The positive result obtained together with able-bodied users is of considerable emotional value.


Below you can download illustrative sheets, technical CAD drawings and specifications.
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co2 foot printThis item contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of "Km. Zero" wood from PEFC certified forests and the use, during the whole production process, of clean energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources.. Read more...

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