Art. 011590
 Dim: 660x440 H1000 cm
 Area: 984x753cm
 Hic: 150 cm
 age 3-12

The Magical Silver Fir is a big tree

where children enter, ascend, observe and descend through a very long tubular slide.

MAGICO ABETE BIANCO is the evolution of the series called Trees by Legnolandia which includes 25 articles of different sizes and suitable for different ages. This play equipment is ideal to characterize large areas as shopping centers, urban parks, beaches, squares in any public or private space. The gaming activities are simple and risk-free, the main aspect of the play is based on the rewarding achievement of a considerable height from the ground for children over 3 years old safely. The access devices to the large panoramic tower with slide are designed to enhance the achievement of the goal and to prevent the access to younger children (<3 years old). The internal climb takes place through the use of adventurous wood steps ladders, which allow the ascent to only one user at a time and to allow an easy and safe access. Even adults can enter the structure, for maintenance or to control the phases of the game.
torri panoramiche con scivolo Legnolandia
- Magico Abete Bianco 16 mt height

- Magico Abete Bianco 16 mt height
Both models can be equipped with one or more tubular slides made of polyethylene or stainless steel. The shape of the slides can be customized (straight - curved or spiral) to adapt the play equipment to the available space. Access to the tower is through a metal ladder or through a climbing wall with holds. Internally the structure is equipped with a wooden ladder that goes up to the floor of the slide to allow children to "observe the world from above". This tree-shaped playground tower is equipped with different portholes in transparent anti-breakage polycarbonate.


Composed of PEFC - FSC certified and statically calculated laminated gluelam wood according to the current Law in force. The pyramid-shaped isostatic structure offers an excellent wind resistance and to the working load, thus minimizing the use of beton during the installation. This contributes to reduce the costs, and it facilitates the de-building operations at the end of the life cycle. The structure does not need foundations, it is simply placed on the ground on existing stalls or on three concrete blocks and it is anchored by fixing the steel brackets included in the supply.
GPPAll the devices are complying with the European safety standards on equipment installed in the play areas UNI EN-1176: 2017. The structure can be easily dismantled and it is easily repositioned or disposed at the end of the life cycle according to the principles of GPP. The safety flooring must be suitable for a fall height (HIC) of 150 cm according to the UNI EN-1176 and UNI EN-1177 standards. Legnolandia suggests the use of natural substrates in respect of the environment and to reduce the costs such as fine sand or gravel to 2-8 mm.

co2 foot print

Thanks to a manufacturing process that uses only energy which comes from renewable sources and the use of controlled picking timber (PEFC-FSC certified forests) which can be found nearby our Head Quarters, Legnolandia is able to effectively break down harmful CO2 emissions. Wood is a renewable and easily recyclable raw material with a low energy tax. The colored parts are made of recycled polyethylene and 100% recyclable. This product meets the needs of the GPP (Green Public Procurement) the environmental policy instrument envisaged for the Public Authority.


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