Art. 012623

 Dim: 44x70 H91 cm
 Area: 250 x 250 cm
 Hic: 50 cm
 age 2-6


Spring playground with double walls depicting an elephant, ideal for the younger children and for special needs users, made of 100% recycable polyethylene 20 mm thick, non-toxic, protected with anti UV additives, very resistant to weather, use and vandalism. The tempered steel spring is 20 mm thick, fitted with anti-crushing device and fixed to the ground with a special galvanized steel frame. All the fixing bolts are protected with appropriate cover-nuts which prevent leakage and tampering. Given the quality and strength of the used materials, this playground does not require maintenance. Available many other figures.

Spring rocker compliant with EN 1176-3:2017 rules, free of hazardous substances, made of recycled and recyclable polyethylene to meet the needs of the GPP (Green Public Procurement) the environmental policy tool provided for all public administrations.

gioco inclusivoInclusive playground

Respect the guidelines of the European project Play For All. The spring rockers with double wall and full-length handle allow the game for those suffering from problems of balance and movement of the lower limbs. In some cases access to the equipment may require the help of an adult person. The side walls contain a tactile representation (in relief) that allows recognition by blind users. As an option, the backrest is also available on this inclusive playground, sometimes a useful addition to the user's stability.

co2 foot printThis item contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of "Km. Zero" wood from PEFC certified forests and the use and 20 mm polyethylene, 100% recycled and recyclable. During the whole production process, of clean energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources. Read more...


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