Art. 011208

 Dim: Ø140 H74 cm
 Area: Ø 540 cm
 Hic: 47 cm
 age 3-8


Exclusive carousel that can also be used as an educational playground, offers not only fun but also scientific information: in the central stem of the carousel shows an arrow indicating North. This fixed point remains despite of the movement of the earth and the carousel. The playground is composed of two benches for many users and two access openings. The floor is made of aluminum anti-slip surface, while the seats are made of 100% recycled polyethylene with curved profile, designed to limit lateral slipping. The facility can accommodate up to 8 children. Given the quality and strength of the materials used, this playground does not require maintenance. During installation the central handle - the compass has to point north.


gioco inclusivo

Inclusive playground

Respect the guidelines of the European project Play For All. This roundabout is one of the most sought-after dynamic playgrounds for children. The exhilarating feeling of speed can be an extraordinary experience for those forced to move. Access may require help, but once you sit on the circular bench, the experiences multiply. The central steering wheel has a tactile teaching compass that has the function of always indicating the north, despite the movement of the carousel. It is a useful scientific didactic expedient to explain the terrestrial rotation and the magnetic orientation. The movement of the carousel comes to life thanks to the action exercised by children in groups.


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