Art. 011010

 Dim: 200x350 H200 cm
 Area: 500X650 cm
 Hic: 15 cm
 age 2-14


Little wooden house studied for children's playgrounds and composed by a closed compartment of 195 x 195 cm and by a anterior porch of 195 x 130 cm. Made of 30 mm wood boards embedded at the corners, it offers a perfect protection from sun and rain. It comes with a front opening, a side window. House and porch are with pavement and the roof is covered with asphalt tiles. The house contains two benches and can also be used as a storeroom for toys.

All wooden parts are made of FSC- PEFC certified wood, treated under pressure in according to the EN 351 standards with UV protection. Complies to EN 1176 (European Standar for Playgrounds Equipment and Surfacing.

gioco inclusivoInclusive playground

Respect the guidelines of the European project Play For All. Access to house is spacious and functional and, thanks to an optional inclined ramp, it is also possible to use a wheelchair. The activities that the children play inside the house are communicative and aggregative, therefore very inclusive. The equipment of internal benches allows users to rest during the game phases. The size of the house is large enough to allow any access to an adult (accompanying person).


Below you can download illustrative sheets, technical CAD drawings and specifications.
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co2 foot print

This item contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of "Km. Zero" wood from PEFC certified forests and the use, during the whole production process, of clean energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources.. Read more...

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