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Art. 011231


 Dim: 300 x 30 h 47 cm
 Area: 600 x 330 cm
 Hic: 47 cm
 age > 2


Nice and attractive inclusive playground, completely hand-crafted, that allows socialization and the liberty of imagination and creativity of very small children. The stylized form resemples a big caterpillar. To maintain the highest recall and an effective combination with the natural environment, this playground is made of solid wood made of WHOLE TRUNKS and could be subject to cracking which doesn’t compromise the functionality, durability and safety of operation. All edges are rounded.

All wooden parts are made of FSC- PEFC certified wood, treated under pressure in according to the EN 351 standards with U.V. protection

gioco inclusivoInclusive playground

Respect the guidelines of the European project Play For All. The approach to this inclusive playground equipment is simple and safe given its limited height from the ground. The tactile recognition of the figure is the strong point in inclusive activity in cases of hypo-visibility.

co2 foot printThis item contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of "Km. Zero" wood from PEFC - FSC certified forests and the use, during the whole production process, of clean energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources to meet the needs of the GPP (Green Public Procurement) the environmental policy tool provided for all public administrations. . Read more...

Below you can download illustrative sheets, technical CAD drawings and specifications.
Registration is required, register HERE

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