Art. 015143

 Dim: 540 X 460 H330 cm
 Area: 905 x 860 cm
 Hic: 150
 age 3-12


Multifuncional playground facility on several levels, accessible by users with disabilities. The system includes: 1 PANEL TRIS playground motor skills; MAGIC MIRROR a reversible design for visual skill playground EURO 1 playground, 1 BLACKBOARD FROM OUTER for creativity, two masts and a bow with rope and colored flags, 2 benches and 2 banquets for the role play, a large bridge H 150 cm above ground, a network of colored climbing ropes with metal, stainless steel 2 slides, 1 helm of rotary control; a compass on the bridge, balustrades and decorative door with colored polyethylene (sharks + anchors). The main structure has a climbing gym with climbing holds for children easier. The structure of the playground is made of wood 90x90 mm thick sections contrasted with galvanized steel bracket for fixing to the ground. The color of the playground is specifically designed for a correct insertion into the nature of public parks, schools and parks.

All wooden parts are made of FSC- PEFC certified wood, treated under pressure in according to the EN 351 standards with UV protection. Complies to EN 1176:2017 (European Standard for Playgrounds Equipment and Surfacing).

gioco inclusivoInclusive playground

Respect the guidelines of the European project Play For All. The lower level of this play equipment is also accessible by wheelchair and includes banquets and chairs for role-playing games in an inclusive form. The presence of tactile figurative panels, a blackboard and games of skill at accessible height offer a reason for play, challenge and aggregation suitable for all abilities. The upper floor is more difficult to reach in case of limb deficiency, but the barriers provide protection and functionality in the case of mild visual and cognitive impairments.

co2 foot printThis item contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of "Km. Zero" wood from PEFC certified forests. During the whole production process, of clean energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources.. Read more...


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