Our Silver Fir

The Silver Fir (Abies Alba) is a wild plant with many advantages: among the conifers is the only essence without pockets of resin, its fiber is compact and durable and allows easy penetration treatments preservatives. Legnolandia has made this local essence the main element for the construction of structural laminated wood used in the prefabricated homes and structures for outdoor use. This is because in addition to being a  species in the area of the Friulian Dolomites, according to Celtic legend gives by those who inhabit it and live in, serenity, strength and health. Read more about Silver Fir...





Legnolandia is the only Italian Partner of the International  Forum Weistanne created for promouting the use of this particular tree.



We use wood to "zeroKm" built on mature trees selected and cut close to us. The timber is FSC and PEFC certified, for the sustainable management of forests.









ABILAM: our third dimension

The production cycle for the construction of Prefabricated Homes is the use of elements in Glulam. Our experience, our attention to detail, stringent internal controls, have brought us to the realization of Glulam beams of the highest quality, reliability and respect for the environment, thanks to timber from Km to "zero", adhesives Formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly use of energy derived exclusively from renewable sources.


What we take care

First of all, full cooperation with designers

Always available to study solutions for playgrounds and picnic areas on the basis of specific needs by providing free technical designers CD Rom, CAD drawings, PDF files and specifications. We offer our experience to assess the ability of the floor for the absorption of shock and check the overall layout of the park according to the latest safety standards.


Legnolandia addition to facilities, guarantees the availability of spare parts for 12 years from the date of delivery. With a low cost, offers a programmed maintenance contract that provides for at least two annual interventions to control structures and accessories, detect the level of wear and vandalism. Please remember that safety standards EN 1176 include at least one annual inspection structures for playgrounds, regardless of the material they are made of (wood - steel - plastic).


How we do

Our construction characteristics

are the last link in a long chain of experiences.

Pegs and chains

Steel pegs with self-oiling bearings and antitampering self-locking stainless steel devices. Galvanized steel chains with “short links” to prevent children from having accidents.


Soft anti-shock rubber with embedded metal core and chain fitting with self-locking bolts and stainless steel. Safety seats are available for children under 3 years and physically impaired people.

Sports and Fitness Equipment

Rings, rope ladders and climbing nets are made of anti-splinter hardwood or Teflon. Ropes have melted heads provided with locking rings for the pivoting pegs.


Tubular galvanized steel poles, horizontal bars and pins with three-layer non-toxic coating for climbers. Handles, pins, protecting coverings and small accessories are made of 100% recycled polyethylen.

Nets, ropes and ramps

Nylon high-resistant strands, with stainless steel core, Ø 16/18 mm. Nets are anchored straight to the frame with embedded through-bolts and antitampering and waterproof polyethylene protective covering. In the ramps, solid beams are purposely disposed to allow a safe grip. They are modular and fitted with ropes to assist climbing.


Legnolandia offers a wide range of slides:
- very robust and stable recyclable polyethylene slides with rounded edges;
- exclusive slides stained with colored polyethylene side walls and fiberglass sliding tracks, combining functionality and design;
- the playgrounds are also available with slides made entirely in stainless steel;
- the long models as a spiral slide or slides from the slope are made in fiberglass;
- Tunnel slides “closed” are made of recyclable polyethylene.

Platforms, bridges, parapets and roofs.

Raised floors and static bridges are supported by solid wood elements thickness 90-115 mm. Platforms are made with solid planks 35/45 mm thick, planed and with round corners. Safety parapets are made of 27 mm three-layered wood. Double, four and six pitched roofs, made with solid wood trusses and three-layered panels 16 - 27mm thick are available. The wooden parts are covered with colorful paints exclusive non-toxic water-based double-layer (impregnating + external wax). The parapets of the series “color” and the figurative games are made of recyclable polyethylene thickness 20mm.

Spring rockers

The springs for the coasters and the other spring rockers are certified and enhanced with an antitrapping device to avoid finger accidents. Spring coils have 20mm thickness, springs have 200mm diameter. Seesaws have self-oiling bearings and passing bolts.

Anti-shock rubber floors

Safety plates made of recycled rubber granulates are employed to reduce impact on solid surfaces, like asphalt and concrete. Available in different thickness, they can be also laid on lawns, to avoid the formation of puddles and hollows. Bottom surface is wavy to allow water drainage. Plates are connected through pressure joints forming a stable, soft and even flooring. Rubber “casted” flooring in various thickness and colours, and “composite” flooring plates that avoid the non-ecological usage of concrete are also available.

Legnolandia recommends the use of anti-shock surfaces made of natural materials: grass, gravel, sand, wood chips, bark. They are economic, safe, fun and do not hurt the planet.

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