THEMATIC PLAYGROUNDS, five proposalsfor outdoorspaces

Legnolandia proposes five projects for equipped spaces where children can play in developing their motor skills and the joy of moving acquiring healthy habits related to anactive lifestyle.



The manual area and tactile skills.

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Dynamic activities for fun in coordination.

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To free the imagination, generating fantastic situations.

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Development through play.

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Parco giochi tematico: mobilità


More movement and more life, regardless of age.

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Area fitness


Tailored playgrounds

Legnolandia also offers the possibility to create structures and playgrounds entirely inspired by the "theme" chosen by the customer. Multi-function equipment, furniture and trails are integrated with the theme of the park involving users not only in play but also in teaching and in the surrounding environment.

Thematic play area:

example of Loacker's playground, built in Sillian (Austria)and inspired by the protagonists of the comic mascot of Loacher biscuits.


Dreams come true:

Legnolandia translates into reality and with dedication the best projects designed for public spaces, Gardaland Park (Italy)


Not only games but also complements:

Furniture made to Gardaland and inspired by the machines of Leonardo da Vinci.

Tema natura

Nature, the theme most loved:

A complete catalog inspired by the beauty of nature: from the individual to the most exciting games in wooden structures such as tree houses, thematic routes of medieval castles, educational gardens etc.

Over 600 creations born of choices really sustainable.

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