Thursday, 10 November 2016 09:25

Wooden earthquake-resistant structures to restart after the disasters in central Italy.

Wooden modern architecture for the project by Arch. Stefano Boeri, who made free: food area that began as a large canteen, not only for schools, and a space to reopen collapsed restaurants. Wood anti seismic structures made from Forest Wood Chain FVG where Legnolandia is historic component.

It will operate as it did in Friuli after the earthquake of 1976: before rebuilding activities for employment, then the houses (aseismic), then churches and works of art to maintain the sense of community belonging.

A school restaurant and citizen with a food village Amatrice and to Arquata school are the first two projects to be implemented thanks to the generosity of the readers of Corriere della Sera and viewers of TgLa7 who wanted to donate to the fundraising "Help now to the Earthquake in Central Italy ". The initiative has raised the share of over 6 million euro.

Temporary but durable. The first will be a Christmas gift: the new canteen for school children, also ready to welcome events of solidarity and "cooking show" or to turn into movies. For Easter, it should also be the new location for the village historic restaurants: nine in all, which will be employed one hundred and thirty persons. A first step to revive, with gastronomic tourism and dell'amatriciana tradition, the economy of these places.




- La Radura di Stefano Boeri

- earthquake-resistant structures


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